Editable Products Module

Print On Demand Software

The editable products module enables the customer to edit an existing product online before ordering, or in some cases to build a new editable product online themselves.

These functions are frequently used for products such as:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing flyers and mailers
  • Simple brochures
  • Envelopes
  • Sell sheets

Once the order is placed the print on demand software sends a print ready PDF file with the order to the eStore administrator.

There are two ways to create an editable product:

  1. Using a design package the user can create a finished product and designate the fields on the product which are to be editable in the system by making them PDF form fields. The PDF file is loaded into the print on demand software system which recognizes the PDF form fields and creates editable fields from these. Colors, fonts and styles are all recognized from the PDF. This method is good for designers who are familiar with their design package as it enables them to do much of the set up in an existing design package before uploading to the eStore.
  2. The second method is through loading a background PDF file which provides the size and format of the product. This file may have design or text on it such as logos or data that will never be edited. Editable fields are then added in the eStore on top of the background file for single lines of text, paragraphs and images. This method enables just as much detail and editing as the first method but the editing and full product creation takes place in the eStore software.
Features Include:
  • Crop Marks – Products can have crop marks showing on screen or hidden from the end customer
  • Fonts – can be uploaded into the system and used in specific editable fields
  • Text Styles – can be created including indents, tracking, justification, and capitalization
  • Color Styles – Color styles can be created for CMYK or Spot Colors
  • Images – Images can be uploaded from the systems gallery, the user’s gallery or the user’s hard drive
  • Drop Down Menus – Products can have drop down selections for fields such as addresses and custom drop fields can be created and applied to the product
  • Locking – Editable fields can be locked in position or enabled to be moved by the customer when editing/designing their product
  • Labels – can be created and attached to fields such as a P: in front of a phone number. Labels can be automatically removed by the system if no data is inserted into the main field the label is attached to
  • Movement Options – Fields can be configured to move up, down or sideways when other fields in line with them are not used. This enables layouts on business cards to be highly configurable
  • Grouping – Fields can be grouped together to enable the position of one field to be adjusted based on the length of the text in another field
  • Image Manipulation – Images can be edited by the customer when editing/designing the product. Images can be cropped, rotated, resized and adjusted with an advanced editing tool. When images are edited in the product the user can at any time return back to the original image if they wish to start editing again

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