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Hexicom Software’s ePrint MIS software provides an easy-to-use end to end solution for print estimating, print management, warehouse management, and Web2Print ordering. It’s an industry-leading, comprehensive system which is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who want to get organised, grow, and significantly drive efficiency.

Digital Sheet Printing

Offset Sheet Printing

Wide Format & Signage

Promotional Products

Fulfillment & Warehousing

Print Broking & Management

The Hexicom Print MIS System was one of the world’s first cloud based Print MIS systems and remains the leading easy to use solution for small to medium sized businesses. This specialist MIS software has been specifically developed for use by digital and offset printers, along with large format and flatbed printers, print managers and brokers, warehouse and logistics providers, and promotional product and apparel resellers.

Hexicom’s extensive range of Print MIS customers range from one person businesses through to medium size companies employing 30+ staff. With customers spread throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand Hexicom Software is a truly international provider of Print MIS software.

Some of Our Happy Customers

Print MIS Solutions – Modular Print Management Software for Printers

Hexicom’s modular MIS software approach enables you to take the modules of the system you need, and add other features over time to build a complete workflow from customer web2print online ordering, estimating, job management, warehousing and invoicing. Hexicom MIS software also connects with a range of popular systems so you can extend your workflow through to your accounts software, credit card payment gateways, and much, more.

The easy to use Hexicom Print MIS systems software is designed to work for sheet printers, digital signage and large format, promotional products, warehouse and logistics, and print management and brokers. So, you can rest assured that our industry leading MIS software has all your businesses needs covered, with plenty of opportunity to grow with you as your business expands!

Print MIS for Digital Sheet Printers

The dedicated module for digital sheet printing enables the user to set up unlimited digital presses in the MIS software with each having unique settings and click charge costings.  These digital presses are then used in the estimating process ensuring that each job you price is accurate based on the machine and charges you want to use.

Our flexible click charge settings enable you to set costs for colour or black and white printing, single or double sided print, as we all as accommodating set up costs and minimum run charges.

In addition to the print costs all prepress and finishing costs can be created and added to the quotes or jobs using our highly flexible and easy to use additional cost functions.

More information for digital sheet printers.

Print MIS for Offset Sheet Printers

Offset print estimating requires accurate costing to ensure all elements of the process are correctly included in your quote or job. Our offset print estimating software module enables you to create as many offset presses in the system as you wish with each having its own unique cost settings. The offset press is charged on a time basis with the Print MIS software calculating the time the job will take to be printed based on the length of the print run and the weight of the paper being used. This speed and paper weight calculation is set by you to suit the way you normally run your press, and each press has its own unique settings to ensure you can price the jobs exactly as you want.

The costing for printing plates, plate make ready time, inks, and ink wash up are all set up with your specific costs providing a highly flexible solution that enables you to truly price the offset print jobs the way you want to.

In addition to the print costs all prepress and finishing costs can be created and added to the quotes or jobs using our highly flexible and easy to use additional cost functions.

More information for offset printers. 

Print MIS for Digital Signage and Flatbed Printing

Using the Hexicom Print MIS system you can create accurate quotes for digital signage and display work using our custom large format and flatbed quoting module. This module that was written specifically for large format printers enables you to price in either linear meters/linear feet or square meter/square foot so no matter if your substrate is a sheet or a roll you can choose the best pricing workflow each time.

The large format Print MIS software custom quoting process includes the costs for the substrates, ink, machine time, and finishing costs. You can also add costs for design, finishing, delivery, and installation.

For quick quoting of standard repeat items you can create products in the system and use these in your quotes and jobs. A standard product can be an item such as a banner stand or a perhaps a substrate such as a window vinyl where you can select the quantity and also enter the dimensions to get a price based on a square meter/foot.

More information for digital signage and large format printers.

Apparel and Promotional Product Reseller MIS Software

Quoting and managing promotional and apparel items is notoriously difficult and with the Hexicom MIS solution you can build an easy to use but detailed workflow to remove the complexity from the process.

Products can be set up in the catalogue either through manual entry or through imports from an Excel file. Imported products can include images, prices, decoration and set up costs, product specifications, and if you combine the warehouse management module even product stock levels.

Many of our product and apparel resellers also use our eStore online ordering and web2print software add on module which enables your customers to order products and apparel online. The customer can select the necessary decoration, view the stock levels if you are using the warehouse module, and place the order online. Once the order is placed your team can progress it through the production process either sending a purchase order to your supplier to buy the product or by drawing stock from your warehouse. Invoices can be created at any point in the workflow and can be sent to your online accounting software through the internet.

More information for promotional product and apparel resellers.

Print MIS for Print Brokers and Print Managers

The Hexicom Print MIS system enables print brokers and print managers to source the best market prices for their jobs from multiple vendors. The system has an easy-to-use quote request process that enables you to build an online quote request and send it to your suppliers who can click on a weblink and provide their price online directly into the Print MIS system. Alternatively, the vendor can email you a quote and your staff can enter it into the Print MIS system themselves.

The print broker software has a price comparison table where you can add your markup as well as price for delivery if applicable. From this screen you can select which prices to use for each quantity and you can then create an estimate or quote to your customer using these marked up prices.

When your customer gives you the go ahead you create a job from the quote in the Print MIS system and also create a purchase order which you send from the system to your supplier instructing them to produce the job. This is all done with a few mouse clicks as the details already exist in the quote so there is no duplication of data entry.

At any point in the process you can create an invoice in the system and email that to your customer for payment. If you use a cloud accounting software such as Xero or Quick Books Online you can then send your purchase order and invoice data through the internet to your accounts system, completing the workflow.

More information for print managers and brokers.

What Is a Print MIS System?

If you work in the print industry, you will feel like you know the answer to this question. At least in its rudimentary form. But do you know the history of MIS solutions around the world? Because to properly understand the ‘What is a Print MIS system?’ question, you need to understand the context behind the question.

The History of Print MIS Systems

Print and associated industries have been using print MIS solutions of various forms for over 30 years, with the aim of streamlining the manufacturing workflow, avoiding repetitive tasks, and (where possible) automating the entire processes. Initially these were quite basic solutions, and were often focussed primarily on the estimating process. However, over time, they have evolved to encompass the entire workflow of the business, while simultaneously eliminating repetitive tasks and improving workflow.

Early Print MIS software was created as downloadable applications that sat on the company server and user locally based PCs. But around 2010, the world of MIS software exploded into life, when the world’s first cloud-based print MIS software solution was developed, with Hexicom Software being one of the first companies in the world to design and implement MIS as a cloud-based solution. And Hexicom software has been at the forefront of the industry ever since.

Hexicom Software hosts the cloud-based MIS software, so there is no need for the end user to have a server and local network to run the solution in the local environment. Cloud software is often referred to as SaaS, which means ‘Software as a Service’. And, as the name suggests, you get more than just a software package with a print MIS solution. You get a Turn-Key software solution that is managed and supported for you, so you can focus on running your business, while Hexicom Software’s MIS solution handles all the technical aspects, and delivers the system directly to you, through your web browser of choice.

Benefits of Implementing a Print MIS System in Your Business

• Systemise

• Communicate

• Report

• ROI per resource (employees and equipment)

• Linking core systems

How to Select the Right Print MIS Software

• Establish what you need, the core requirements and where your business is now and where you want to move to.

• Be realistic about your limitations of resource, money, and time.

• Understand that each system has strengths and weaknesses.

• You get what you pay for, value for money and importance of user support.

• Custom requirements.

• Time frames and ability of the supplier to meet your needs.

How to Efficiently Implement Your Print MIS Software

• Scope your requirements & set expectations

• Select your staff resource

• Establish your current workflow and highlight strengths and weaknesses

• Formalise objectives, implementation strategy and project plan

• Set your project timeline and schedule

• Implement your plan and achieve success

Hexicom Print MIS Solutions – Workflow Efficiency Has Never Been So Easy!

The idea of a Print MIS system is to gain efficiency and capture a higher return on investment per employee, or piece of equipment. However. sometimes the systems prove to be so complex that the opposite is true. Therefore, choosing the right Print MIS Solution for your specific business needs, is a critically important task, as each system has its own unique areas of focus, strengths and weaknesses.

A Hexicom Software cloud hosted Print MIS system solution enables all these things, plus much, much more. With our proprietary MIS solution enabling these efficiencies to be gained not just by pure print businesses, but also by print managers and brokers, warehouse and logistics businesses, design and marketing agencies.

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