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About Hexicom Software

Hexicom is a leader in the print and graphics industry with a best-in-class browser based print and promotional product estimating and management information solution and web to print system. Access a personalised demo and free trial for an insight into the best print MIS and web to print solution on the market.

Our Print MIS and Web to Print solution will revolutionize your workflow management! Hexicom offer a cloud-based software solution that is simple, smart and available online – no matter what your business needs.

Our easy to use Print MIS solution offers you the ability to login anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re using your desktop, laptop or tablet, you can create estimates, manage print jobs, send purchase orders, track stock products or create invoices instantly. Running print companies and promotional product businesses online has never been easier.

Our web to print solution is the perfect platform for all print and promotional product companies – whether you’re providing business stationery, signage and display, re-selling promotional products, or working as a print broker or print manager. Our print software solution can provide you with the ideal online presence, without having to break the bank.

The B2B eStore allows you to create specific branded stores for your top customers, where they can login and order from their own range of custom products, whether they’re printed on demand or in-stock at your warehouse. Our B2C eStore is an online print shop providing publicly visible online storefronts – offering you exposure to potential retail customers to place orders and pay online.

Print MIS Software

Our print management information system (MIS) can streamline your internal workflow and web to print processes with our industry-leading print software, web tools and more.

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eStore Web2Print

Our web to print platform is an excellent brand management solution that allows you to have your own print shop with a fully integrated online product editing and design tool.

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Web 2 Print Online Product Designer

All print businesses and print suppliers can benefit from our online tools. Create templates, utilize our graphic design platform and more.

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MIS – Internal Workflow Solution

All our customers are unique but all have one thing in common – the need to operate in a process-driven, efficient and organised way.

Estimate, manage jobs, outsource to suppliers, raise purchase orders, manage deliveries, and invoice your customers; our workflow is smooth, logical, and easy to use.

Choose Hexicom for the ultimate print management and web to print solution.

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Our Print MIS features…

  • Dashboard

    Review your company's KPIs and monitor your tasks and planned calls - all in one place.

  • Database & CRM

    Easily manage your customers, prospects and suppliers' contact information and use this in the print management workflow and web2print modules.

  • Estimate Manager

    Quickly create and send beautiful estimates/quotes to your customers by email from our Print MIS and Broker Software

  • Job Production

    Track the progress of your jobs in production for a clear view of your work in progress and generate custom job tickets /work orders.

  • Purchase Order and Invoice Management

    Quickly create and send purchase orders, invoices and more to your customers and suppliers to streamline your business management

The best professional print management software for your business
The best web to print software available

Our Web2Print features…

  • B2B Online Ordering

    Your regular customers can order online from their own branded ordering site - giving them the best web to print solutions for their company.

  • B2C Print E-commerce Solution

    A fully featured B2C eStore where anyone can order online from your print eCommerce solution and pay online by credit card using our links to Stripe, Braintree, or Paypal.

  • Product Types

    Create products to maximise functionality for your customer and select what suits your needs with our customizable templates.

  • Order Approval*

    Orders can be approved, rejected or edited by the approver, and we support two-level approvals too. Users can also have spend limits preset for them ensuring they don't over spend in the web2print system.

  • Appearance & Customisation

    You have the ability to edit the appearance of your web to print shop so you can tailor them to your customers' image and brand consistency.

And much more…

  • Reporting

    Transparency and detail at every stage of your printing process - build and save custom reports, export to Excel and enable your customers to run their own reports.

  • Estore - web To Print Order Management

    The business world has fully embraced the online world - and your customers can too. By ordering online, your customers can make custom orders or repeat past orders with ease and simplicity.

  • Spend Limits

    Sometimes your customers will need to set limits on a business or departmental level - and our print solutions gives you full control of this.

  • Warehouse Products

    Our warehouse management software module allows you to run your warehouse operations online and customers can see stock levels online at the time of ordering.

  • Ongoing Customer Support

    We know that supporting your customers is the key to success - and you'll gain access to our support system and you can contact us for any further assistance you need.

We offer all-in-one print management, warehouse and web to print solution

What Our Happy Clients Say

Benefits Of Using Hexicom

Not only were we one of the first businesses to design and implement industry-changing web to print software, we’ve stayed at the forefront of the printing world and perfected our solution so it can provide you with everything you could possibly need to maximize your profits and streamline your printing business.

A Unique, All-In-One Print Solution For Your Business

What’s so unique about Hexicom Software is that it can be tailored to your exact needs, no matter what size your business or what kind of printing services you offer (or want to offer). With our wide range of modules, from Warehousing and Order Management to Reporting and Online Store Design, you can combine any and all of them to make our software the perfect one for your printing store.

Your customers are at the heart of what you do – and we are no different. You’re our priority, and we’ll always make sure we’re providing the best printing software solution across the board, no matter what your needs are.

Seamless Implementation

Choosing Hexicom means choosing the best and most innovative printing software in the industry – but that doesn’t mean in technology only. While we’ve made our software robust in every sense, we pride ourselves on the simplicity and seamlessness of implementation for our customers. Making our system easy-to-use and understand for you and your team, means you can make the most out of it once it’s been fully integrated.

From start to finish, we’ll support you with implementation and make any tweaks you need to make our printing software the perfect solution – and your business will be growing in no time.

Whatever state of play you’re at, Hexicom can implement our software – with any combination of modules that you require – quickly and easily. And don’t forget, we’ll always be just a phone call away if you need any further assistance.

Warehousing Solution

One key benefit of using Hexicom Software is our solution that enables you to operate and manage your entire warehouse of products in one place. Our warehouse management software is an integrated module that allows you to take full control of your online store – store and track your stock by warehouse location, handle your back-orders and accept orders online.

An excellent tool for print managers, brokers and re-sellers, this module enables you to move from a small stock room to a full warehouse while keeping everything linked and concisely managed in one place – meaning your online customer orders, estimation tools and job workflow can all be monitored and managed efficiently.

eStore – Web2Print Online Ordering

Business has changed in recent years with the boom of digital and online technology rapidly altering the way many industries conduct their business – and consumer behaviour has changed to match, with everything now available at the click of a button. The printing industry is no different – and neither are your customers.

With Hexicom, you can offer your customers the opportunity to order online and easily complete repeat orders – in one streamlined, online print shop. Handle new enquiries efficiently rather than through multiple emails and phone calls, attract new customers and more through your B2C eStore.

Offering a public ordering site means you can be accessed by anyone on the internet at any time who is searching for the products you offer. This means they can make their selections, checkout and pay online, and you receive the order directly into your personal Hexicom Print MIS workflow system.

What’s more, your existing, valued customer scan benefit from their own custom branded B2B eStore, meaning they can select from their own specific set of branded products before paying online or via invoice.
A truly all-in-one solution for any and every print business – join the digital world and flourish with Hexicom Software.

Ongoing Customer Support

We at Hexicom know how important it is to support your customers – and that it can hold the key to success. Just as we know how important it is to you, it’s important to us, too. That’s why we’ve made sure our customers have input into the direction of the ongoing development of our system and can contact us at any time for system or user support.

A major benefit of choosing Hexicom is that we run a support system from which you can access our unique self-help knowledge base, complete with articles and videos for your support on a number of common issues that may arise. In addition to our knowledge base, you can contact us via email or phone for support whenever you need it – and our support system is included completely free for all our customers.

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand 24 hours a day throughout the working week in our primary markets in North America, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. To grow your business in the most efficient, streamlined and cost-effective way, choose Hexicom’s Print MIS workflow solution today.

A Partnership For Years

Here at Hexicom we value our customers and pride ourselves on looking after your every need, from initial design and implementation to our ongoing support.

A number of businesses that have chosen our software become our partners for years, showing the longevity of our solution and the level of commitment we provide to producing the best possible outcome for your business.

Choosing Hexicom isn’t just choosing a solution – it’s choosing a partnership that can continue for years upon years, proving the continued success of our customers is of paramount importance to us.

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