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Enable your customers to easily edit products online in the HexiStore Web 2 Print system.

Our easy to use HexiDesign Web 2 Print design and editing system allows you to create products for online stores where your customers can edit text and images online, and see a real time preview of the product as they make their changes.

The ability to edit products online when ordering has proven to be a game changer for many organisations and for those service providers who can offer such a solution it is a great way to meet your customers’ needs and lock them into working with you. Even if you are a small business you can work like the biggest in the industry through the use of the HexiDesign Web 2 Print system

You create the product using a PDF as the background file and then build the editable fields on top of that PDF using the HexiDesign tool. This easy to use system gives you a logical workflow to make a number of selections for fields such as font, size, colour, and positioning on the product. For images you can select the location on the product and the size the image should display.

When your customer views the product in the online store they can edit the fields you have created to customise the product by adding new text or images. They see their changes happen on screen in real time so they can immediately see how the product is going to look. When they are happy with how it looks they can view the product as a PDF proof on screen and either continue editing or progress the product to the cart for ordering.

The types of products that can be set up to be editable are extensive and range from simple business cards and flyers through to brochures and branded merchandise. If your customer has many similar products to edit, such as multiple business cards or a document with some personalised fields, the system allows the user to upload the editable text using a CSV file rather than having to edit each item manually which might take a considerable amount of time. This data import function means that a CSV file of perhaps 100 lines can be built offline and then uploaded into the product for an automated editing process to take place within the system.

Built on modern and world-class HTML5 technology, our HexiDesign system gives you the opportunity to provide your customers an elegant experience whether using a Mac or Windows PC.

Our specialist Print Management Information System (MIS) has been specifically developed for use by the following:

  • Digital and offset printers
  • Large format and flatbed printers
  • Print managers and print brokers
  • Warehouse and logistics providers
  • Promotional product and apparel resellers

Highly Flexible Solution To Meet Customer Needs

Edit multiple products with an excel import

We have various functions within our customizable templates, with editable text able to be edited on screen or uploaded from a CSV file which is useful where the customer has many different items to order such as multiple business cards for different staff.

Multiple product orders

Your customers can place orders for multiple products at once, such as business cards, banners, brochures, or calendars quickly and efficiently.

Let our system do the work

Our unique system uses the latest innovation to provide your customers with their ideal creation in minutes – whatever the project, our system will generate a print-ready file which you can download into your production workflow.

Achieve more with our top-quality program

Manage all your print jobs efficiently when you combine our eStore web to print software with our ePrint Print MIS management software program.

Building editable products

Advanced technology

Our production editor has advanced flexibility, allowing you to upload font files and set colours using CMYK, RGB or Spot colours. Default text and images can be preset and customers can override this as required plus much more

Detailed movement rules

Set your templated products however you or your customer want them – set detailed movement rules relating to the positioning of fields in the event that another field is not used – our smart system allows the formatting of your products to be perfect, every time – whether that’s greeting cards, promotional merchandise, signage or banners.

Product Types

Create products to maximize functionality for your customer and select what suits their needs building customizable templates for print items, electronic files for social media, and promotional products and apparel requiring decoration.

Edit images – your way

Images can be uploaded, cropped and edited within each product on offer – so your customers can produce the graphics and clip art however they need them. Products can have multiple image locations and you or the customer can build a gallery of standard products and art to select from.

Your own print shop

Our print shop software is ideal for any medium or small business, giving you the chance to create your own online print shop. Improve productivity, improve sales and utilize our tools to take the market by storm.

Our Web2Print features

B2B Online ordering

Your regular customers can order online from their own branded ordering site – giving them the best web to print solution for their company.

B2C Print e-commerce solution

A fully featured B2C eStore where anyone can order online from your print eCommerce solution and pay online by credit card using Stripe, Braintree, or Paypal.

Product types

Create products to maximize functionality for your customer and select what suits your needs with our customizable templates.

Order approval

In the B2B eStore orders can be approved, rejected or edited by your customers designated approver, and we support two-level approvals too. Your customers can benefit from setting spend limits for users to make sure they don’t overspend in the web to print platform.

Appearance and customisation

Customize and edit the appearance of your web to print shop so you can tailor everything to your customers’ image and brand consistency.


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