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An industry-leading Print MIS for print brokers

Are you a print manager or print broker? Our ultimate goal is to help you reach the maximum potential for your business through our all-inclusive Print MIS software. By utilising our tailored print management system and top-quality online web-to-print print ordering software, you will have the management solutions you need to drive your business growth.

As a print manager or print broker, it’s vital to be highly organised and offer genuine value for your customers – and our system can help you manage your complete business workflow from a single, cloud-based Print MIS system. This enables you to streamline your workflow, manage print jobs with multiple suppliers efficiently, and always be in control of customer print job deadlines.

Make your print business operations more efficient by using one core system to manage your workflow from quote request through to customer invoice, saving you time and money. Whether you outsource all your jobs to third party suppliers or if you run some jobs yourself in your own print business the Hexicom ePrint MIS system will enable you to achieve all your goals.

The ultimate print broker management software

You can manage your print broker business with ease using our print broker software, and work from any location as the system is cloud based so you just need an internet connection and you are set to go. We designed our system to enable you to provide your customer accurate print estimation using prices from one or more suppliers, efficiently manage jobs of all types including multi-part jobs, easily create purchase orders, delivery dockets, reports, and packing slips.

The process to build your customer estimate or print quote is straightforward and you can select which of your suppliers to include in the bid process for your print projects. You can price up to 4 quantities from each supplier and you can select the best price per quantity regardless of which supplier provided the price. Suppliers can submit their prices online from a web page along with the delivery date they can achieve so the whole process is online removing the need for you to input costs manually.

Using only the internet, print brokers and print managers can utilize our best-in-class online management information system to improve the following areas:

Customers Order Online With Hexistore

The increasing move online is impacting all businesses and online print ordering is growing in the print industry as well. For print brokers, Hexicom’s cloud-based Print MIS has an excellent B2B eCommerce module called HexiStore that enables you to create customer specific ordering portals, so your regular customers can order specific products ready-made with their own branding from your online store.

Here’s how it works within our top print broker software for the print industry:

Our Print MIS Features for Print Brokers

Our Web2Print features:


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