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Promotional Product, Merchandise, Apparel and Uniform estimating and management software to grow your business.

Dedicated modules for the promotional products industry, apparel & uniform resellers

Our goal is to provide promotional merchandise and apparel resellers the ultimate management system that encompasses everything you need in one place. Our promotional products  software gives you the complete workflow you need by combining estimating, job management, purchase order creation, warehouse stock management, Invoicing, delivery dockets, and much more in one, simple-to-use solution.

Our cloud-based solution means your team can work from multiple locations with ease, simply by logging into your user friendly system via an internet connection. Once logged in, you can complete any of the tasks your company needs quickly and easily, without the need for an internal IT network or server.

A product based management software for the promotional product and apparel industry

Create generic products that you can supply to any customer, or products that are specific to a regular business customer. Set prices per unit with volume purchase discounts, or price based on fixed quantities. Add prices for multiple different decoration options per product, including set up costs and cost per unit.

Create estimates and jobs where the product is sourced from one supplier with decoration added by another supplier, or even from multiple different suppliers.

Display an image of the product in your quotes and estimates automatically, using the image stored for that product in the product module.

The promotional products job management module enables you to track and manage all your live jobs easily with a clear view of each jobs current status, supplier name, job notes, delivery date, and much more.

Send purchase orders to your suppliers directly from the system using the details of the product stored in the system to save time.

Manage promotional product stock levels in your warehouse using the system to track stock order allocations, stock levels, and to create picking slips and delivery dockets.

Run accurate business management reports to view stock levels, jobs for the period, invoicing levels, gross profit, and much more.

World-class Web2Print for the promotional products industry

If you are working with customers who want to systemize their online ordering of apparel, uniforms, or promotional products then Hexicom has got you covered. Our online eStore ordering and Web2Print module has all the functions you need in one place.

While ordering, your customers can view the stock levels of products in real time and they can customize their product by making selections for colour, size and decoration options.  They can see the price changes taking effect immediately on screen while they’re editing their selections for full transparency.

Products can be edited online by the customer to alter text or to add images. A mug can have an image added to it, a baseball cap could have a logo and text added, shirts can have a logo and name line added, the opportunity for customization is limited only by your imagination.

When receiving orders you can progress them to become jobs in our excellent job management workflow. You can fulfill the order from an external supplier or if you have it in stock pick the item from your warehouse, and update the job status at each stage of the process to enable easy job tracking. Create purchase orders and invoices through our system to send direct to customers for a complete workflow solution.

What’s more, our all-in-one business management software includes online links to common cloud-based accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB, meaning you can move your key data through the internet to your online accounts software.

Our Web2Print features…

Features of our promotional product management software


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