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Manage your warehouse and allow customers to order stock products from their HexiStore.

The HexiStock module enables products in your warehouse to be managed within your HexiHub system. The system manages their stock level, allocation to jobs, automatically reduces the stock as the job is picked, and tracks the activity history of the product. For stock products allocated to a HexiStore your customers can draw down stock or order more to be produced and warehoused online.

HexiStock benefits

Allocate Stock to Locations

Effectively manage stock in multiple locations by allocating stock products to one or more position in the warehouse, or even across multiple warehouses.

Allocate stock before releasing it

The systems allocation process ensures that once a job for a stock product is accepted the stock is allocated and can't be used for another job that is received at a later time.

Release stock at the correct time

Configure the system so your stock is reduced in the system at the same time it is released from the warehouse.

Low stock warnings

The system can send you or your customer low stock warning emails when stock falls below the minimum threshold ensuring you never run out.

Order stock products online

Using our HexiStock Web 2 Print module your customers can order stock products online to either draw stock from the warehouse, or to increase the stock holding.

Wide Range of products

Stock products can be single items, or you can build a kit comprising of multiple items with different quantities of each item in the kit.

Restock products from purchase orders

When a purchase order is placed for a stock product goods can be received into the warehouse when the purchase order is fulfilled by your supplier

Product Stock History

A full stock history is recorded as products are allocated, released, and more stock is received into the warehouse enabling you to track and trace past transactions.

Stock Reporting

Build and save custom warehouse product reports for your future use, and also make these available to your customers in their HexiStore.

HexiStock can handle a wide variety of warehoused products from printed materials, promotional merchandise, apparel, signage, and hardware items. Products can be stored in multiple locations in the warehouse or even across multiple warehouses.

When a job for a stock product is first created the stock is allocated to that job ensuring that other jobs aren’t allowed to be made for the same stock items. When the job reaches the point in your workflow where the stock is released the allocation is removed and the stock is drawn down. This simple process means you always have an accurate stock on hand number and the system is reserving stock for jobs that are in progress.

When your customers are using our HexiStore Web 2 Print ordering module and the products are held in stock they can view the stock level on screen before ordering and they have the choice of drawing the stock down from the warehouse, or placing an order to increase the stock holding in the warehouse.

No matter what your warehouse and stock keeping requirements are we will be pleased to explain how you can handle them in the HexiStock modue.

Hexihub benefits

Benefits of implementing a Print MIS System in your business.

Revolutionize the way your print business works with our excellent easy to use cloud solution.


Streamline and organize your print business online in one place, with a robust print workflow provided with top end hosting and security, and a whole range of easy to use customizable features to tailor the system to your business.


Easily communicate with your suppliers and print customers from your management hub that contains all your critical business data in one place, available for your staff to share.


Benefit from the easy to use reporting tools, allowing you to monitor how well your print business is performing at all times.

Linking core systems

It’s never been easier to have everything you need in one place – from your warehouse stock, web to print orders, to your job reports, and then send key data to your online accounting software.


A list of common questions to help you understand and make your decision to move into the industry-leading browser based Print MIS and web2print software.

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