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Manage and grow your business using our Print MIS software as the hub of your business.

HexiHub provides an efficient internal management workflow solution that enables you to control all your print business needs, from estimating and job management to warehouse management and web to print solutions. Whether you print, outsource, produce signage, or resell merchandise and apparel we have the software solution for you.  You can extend the HexiHub functionality by adding our other products such as the Web 2 Print HexiStore, HexiProof, or HexiStock solutions.

what is HexiHub for?

Hexihub features:

HexiHub for Digital Sheet Printing

The module for digital sheet printing allows customers to set up an unlimited number of digital presses in our Print MIS solution. Every digital machine can have its own unique settings and click charge costings and these machines are available to be used in the estimating module, allowing for the most accurate pricing for your print shop.

Our flexible click charge settings allow you to create custom estimates for black and white or colour printing, as well as a range of other key configurations to calculate an accurate print quote for your customer.

In addition to the cost of your print jobs, pre-press and finishing costs can be added to your quotes or jobs using our flexible and simple to use print cost functions.

Successful print quotes are progressed to become jobs in production and you can manage the jobs status through the system in an efficient workflow process.

Using a cloud based Print MIS software for digital print quoting has never been more straightforward.

HexiHub for Offset Sheet Printing

Accurate costing is an absolute must when it comes to offset print estimating – with every element of the job needing to be included correctly in your quotes for your customers.

Our offset print quoting software module allows you to make as many offset presses in the system as you need, with each press having its own specific settings.

The HexiHub Print MIS software will calculate the time needed for the your job to be printed, based on the length of your print run and other variables, such as the weight of paper used. This offset print calculation can be set by you so you’re guaranteed full control over your offset print quotes.

In addition to the print costs all pre-press and finishing costs can be created and added to the quotes or jobs using our highly flexible and easy to use print cost functions.

Successful print quotes are progressed to become jobs in production and you can manage the jobs status through the system in an efficient workflow process.

Get the most accurate cloud based offset print estimating solution for your print shop.

HexiHub for Wide format & signage

The HexiHub custom large format and flatbed print quoting module enables printing companies and signage businesses to accurately quote for a wide range of digital sign and display requirements. The specialist quoting module enables you to price in linear meters or feet for roll to roll large format machines, and square meters or square feet for flatbed machines.
Our large format estimating module is uniquely designed meet all your digital signage quoting needs and includes the costs for multiple substrates, ink and machine time.
In addition to the print costs all pre-press, finishing, and installation costs can be created and added to the quotes or jobs using our highly flexible and easy to use print cost functions.

Create popular items as products so you can quickly use them again in future quotes, saving you time in the estimating process. Our Print MIS software offers the best, most simple solution available for large format and sign shops.

HexiHub for Promotional Products & Apparel

Hexicom understand that quoting and managing promotional products and apparel can be a tough task, which is why we purposely designed our print management solution to help businesses to be flexible for promo and apparel. Using our integrated solution, you can operate in a simple workflow using a wide range of products to form your estimates or quotes.

The product catalogue module in HexiHub enables you to set up your digital catalogues via manual entry or through an import function using a Microsoft Excel file. The imported products can include prices, set-up costs, decorations, the product image and much more.  Prices can be set based on fixed quantities or on a cost per item with price breaks based on quantity.

If combined with the warehouse management module and Web 2 Print ordering software, you can create a complete product and warehouse management platform for your customers, allowing you to publish digital catalogs into the Web to Print system so your customers can choose their product, check stock levels, select their decoration, and place their order in an easy-to-use Web to Print ordering workflow. Then all you have to do is fulfill the order by sending a purchase order to your vendor, or releasing the stock from your warehouse.

You can create and send invoices to your customers from the system, or they can pay at the time of ordering using a payment gateway such as Stripe.

HexiHub for Fulfillment & Warehousing

The Hexicom warehouse management module allows your Print MIS system to manage all your warehoused products and, when combined with our dedicated B2B Web to Print solution, to provide your regular business customers with an online shop for all their print, apparel and promotional merchandise.

The HexiHub Fulfilment and Warehousing software module enables you to configure the internal workflow so your stock is allocated to the product and released from stock at the right point in your workflow for maximum efficiency.  You can also:

  • Allocate stock levels to product items (SKU’s) with pre-set email warnings when stock gets low
  • Allow products to be directly ordered from your Web to Print store by your customers
  • Build and save product reports for you or the customer to access
  • Create kits, mange apparel with multiple colours and sizes and much more!

If you’re looking for the most powerful print, promotional product, and apparel reseller solution available, look no more – our system has everything you need when it comes to online warehousing and fulfilment software.

Hexihub benefits

Benefits of implementing a Print MIS System in your business.

Revolutionize the way your print business works with our excellent easy to use cloud solution.


Streamline and organize your print business online in one place, with a robust print workflow provided with top end hosting and security, and a whole range of easy to use customizable features to tailor the system to your business.


Easily communicate with your suppliers and print customers from your management hub that contains all your critical business data in one place, available for your staff to share.


Benefit from the easy to use reporting tools, allowing you to monitor how well your print business is performing at all times.

Linking core systems

It’s never been easier to have everything you need in one place – from your warehouse stock, web to print orders, to your job reports, and then send key data to your online accounting software.

How to efficiently implement your Print MIS Software.

Establish your current workflow
Once you understand your current way of working and all the moving parts of your workflow, you know what kind of print software you’re going to need in order to maximize your system. Be clear about what is great about your current workflow and what doesn’t work so well. Consider how many different systems you use to process one customer order or job.
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Scope your requirements
Once you know what you need as a business, it will be easier to understand the requirements for your software – be clear about which are the critical features and those that are nice to have.
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Consider features for Specific staff
Choose what features you need for each of your team to be able to do their work in the simplest, most efficient way. What level of information do they need and what data do you want to not be visible to them.
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Set your objectives
Formalize your objectives, implementation strategy and project plan – once you (and your team) know how the new solution is going to be put in place, you can start planning for an efficient implementation with each element such as the internal Print MIS, and customer facing Web to Print solution being undertaken together or as separate phases of the overall project.
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Set your project timeline
Setting out the time frame and schedule for your Print MIS and web to print solution to be fully implemented gives you something to aim for, and allows you and your team to be properly prepared when you go live. Set realistic goals and expectations to ensure the implementation is achievable.
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Implement your plan
With support from Hexicom Software’s experienced support and training team following your strategy and implement your plan. Integrate your new, world-class Print MIS and web to print platform and drive forward your business success!
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A list of common questions to help you understand and make your decision to move into the industry-leading browser based Print MIS and web2print software.

The History of Print MIS Systems

Print shops, and commercial printers have been using print software solutions of varying types for over 30 years, with the goal always to streamline the business workflow to make the operational side of printing businesses more efficient and streamlined. This means avoiding repetitive tasks and automating various processes throughout.

At first, these were rather basic solutions and often focused solely on the print estimating process, but with the advancement of technology and the boom of the internet the print mis and web to print software available has grown to encompass the entire workflow, while removing those unnecessary repetitive tasks.

Early print software was created as downloadable applications that was accessible on the company server and locally based PCs – but that changed in 2010 when the world’s first cloud based print management system was developed, with Hexicom Software being one of the first companies in the world to design and implement such a robust web to print software.


And we’ve been at the forefront of the industry ever since.

Hexicom hosts a cloud based solution, so there’s no requirement for a server or local network to run your operations. Cloud software is often known as SaaS (Software as a Service) and you get more than just a print software solution – you get a tailored, robust system that can revolutionize your workflow, so you can focus on running your business.

If you’re looking for the best online print management system, you’re in the right place.

HexiHub Print Solutions Workflow has never been so efficient!

The whole point of implementing a Print MIS and web to print platform for your business is to make your operations more efficient – and achieve a higher return on investment. With the array of software solutions on offer these days, it can be difficult to opt for the right choice for your company, and it is important to settle on a system that meets your needs and simplifies your business workflow.

Each system has its own unique features and integrations, so it’s key to understand what the system offers and choose the right software for your business.

A Hexicom Software cloud based system enables you to have everything in one place – and we make it simple and easy to use. Our MIS solution enables these efficiencies to be gained not just by pure print businesses, but also by print managers and brokers, promotional product resellers and apparel suppliers, warehouse and logistics businesses, design and marketing agencies.

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