Hexicom Software

Products & Profile

Hexicom Software provides cloud software management information systems (MIS) and online Web2Print ordering solutions for the print, print management, signage, and promotional products industries. We started in 2005 and haven’t looked back.

Our team of professionals have a wealth of expertise and are passionate about our solutions, and the service we provide to our customers.

We aim to make your business more successful through using our solutions, and we have a real passion for what we do.

Our current product range is:

ePrint MIS - Print Management Software:

A fully featured estimating and print management system for digital and offset sheet printers, large format printers, sign suppliers and print managers (brokers)

eStore Web2Print Software:

An advanced online ordering solution to enable your customers to order products online and link to our ePrint MIS solution to give a seamless workflow from order through to invoice

Our solutions

Our solutions are designed and developed specifically for the industries we specialise in: print, print management, signage, and promotional products.

They are cloud hosted solutions provided using the software as a service model. This means we provide the solution, host it for you, and provide ongoing system upgrades to keep your system up to date. As we manage all aspects of the software this leaves you to focus on building your business.

This is the future for business software and it means that the importance of having a local server and network in your business is greatly reduced and you have the flexibility to work from any PC, laptop or tablet from any location through the internet.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is the use of computer hardware and software applications delivered as a service over the Internet.

It allows you to store files and use applications using many different devices such as laptops or tablets and from many different locations in a simple way. If you have used internet banking you are probably familiar with this type of service.

Applications delivered this way are sometimes referred to as “Software as a Service”, or SaaS for short.

Cloud servers are actually a number of servers linked together and all running the application. This enables the provider to scale up or down the server capacity in real time as demand changes. We use a leading cloud hosting company to host and manage our servers.

The servers are located in a secure A Grade hosting facility and are subject to the most stringent security protocols.

The cloud servers are monitored 24/7 and backups are taken daily.