Delivery Module

Efficient Management of Deliveries

Manage your dispatch and delivery process, create delivery notes, packing slips and box labels from a production job or directly from the delivery manager module.

Delivery Notes can be raised from a production job or as a separate record not linked to a job. By linking your delivery notes to the jobs it enables you to have all related records in the system interlinked.

Features Include:
  • Generate split deliveries with multiple addresses
  • Select the carrier/logistics provider from your database of suppliers and the system will add their tracking URL and web address to the delivery note email your customer receives
  • Mark deliveries as complete and archive for future reference
  • Build custom delivery reports and save reports for future use.

System Screenshots

DeliveryNoteView 1024x527 - Delivery Module
DeliveryNoteAdd 1024x530 - Delivery Module
DeliveryNotePreview 1024x530 - Delivery Module

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