What is Web2Print?

What is Web2Print?

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What is Web2Print?

In basic terms, Web2Print (otherwise known as web-to-print, web to print, or remote publishing) provides printing services via websites. Customers can visit a site and order or design and order their print, promotional products, or other materials from their computer. Web2print is available for both commercial usage and for the general public. A Web2Print solution, therefore, is a form of software that can provide your business with the capabilities to host an online store or other e-commerce features related to print services. Web2Print offers many advantages, including a more automated workflow for your business, cost-effective customer service, and it offers your customers flexibility around when and how they order.

Why use Web2Print solutions?

There are many reasons why a Web2Print solution could be right for you. The software keeps business costs low, greatly reduces the time spent on customer service, and streamlines the printing process as a whole. Your business operations will be streamlined as a result, and you’ll find yourself saving significant amounts of money, increasing the revenue and success of your print company. Web2Print technology has in the past been somewhat expensive but is becoming increasingly more cost-effective and affordable even for the smallest print shops, meaning Web2Print solutions are now suitable for even the smallest commercial printer, and you’ll more than make up the money you spend on the software with the amount of time and costs it saves you.

Features of web-to-print software

What services does web-to-print actually provide? Essentially, a web-to-print software can massively benefit your print business by offering the full range of your products in one online location. Managing print services has never been easier! Discover what web-to-print can offer you and how it can help your marketing efforts below.

B2B online ordering

A seamless B2B web-to-print solution means that your regular customers can order directly from their own branded site, providing them with the best possible ordering experience. Larger companies with multiple locations can view products that relate to a specific office location or department, products that are unique to each user can be presented to just that person, and past orders can be easily reordered from the past orders screen. More advanced users can run order reports, view stock in the warehouse, and approve orders from their colleagues before they are sent onto you in the print shop.

B2C print e-commerce solution

If you have a website for your business, you may as well have a B2C print e-commerce solution so your customers can order online from your site while they are there. The whole process, from searching for the product they want, uploading their design file, and placing the order takes only moments. For customers who want to design their product online using your web-to-print solution, they can start from a pre-built template or design a product from the start themselves. When they check out, the customers pay online using their credit card, giving you a prepaid order directly into your Print MIS business software.

Extensive range of products and features

Order approval and confirmation

B2B online storefronts can have a process whereby designated people can approve, reject, or edit new orders. This gives businesses better control over their print orders, ensuring staff don’t order products that are unsuitable or when editing products such as a business card order, don’t build their item incorrectly.

Customizable web screens

With web-to-print services, you’ll benefit from rich user interfaces that give you significant control over aspects like appearance and customization. You can tailor your website’s online storefront to match your company image and color scheme, maintaining brand consistency and publishing your own unique content. Customize your site’s templates and ensure your brand is appropriately represented across all your materials.

Quick download files

Orders that come through the web-to-print eStore will have a link to their original artwork file. This means that your staff team can easily access the art files and feed them into your production workflow to smoothly control your print operations. If you need to proof the file back to your customer, you will be able to do this as well using the online proofing functionality built into the Print MIS software.

Benefits of Web2Print software

Wondering exactly how a web-to-print software can benefit your business? Check out a selection of great advantages below.

Design flexibility

The beauty of web-to-print services is that your customers or their graphic designers can make changes to their print designs using their own software or using the design tool in your web-to-print system and then place the order online themselves working out of business hours if necessary. You receive the order and either add it directly into your print production process, or proof the print file back to the customer, depending on the agreed workflow you follow. With the online tools that web-to-print solutions offer, your customers can order marketing materials and print promotional products wherever they are, in the office or in the comfort of their own home. You can receive and process the orders within your own print business, or you can outsource them to another commercial printer for them to produce.

Optimize your workflow

By reducing the order processing time and cost, your company will have a profitable platform to grow from. It’s no secret that success stems from efficiency, and web-to-print services provide an efficient route to build your business.

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