The Benefits of Using a Print Broker Management Software

Are you a print broker looking for a print management solution? Are you considering implementing some new software into your business, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? This article should hopefully settle your doubts about print broker software.

Print broking is a specialist business requiring a lot of detailed knowledge most likely gained over many years of work in one or more print business. All brokers need to work as efficiently as possible and if you are not using an up to date system to store your customer information, manage your print jobs and business workflow you are most likely at a disadvantage against your competitors who have embraced modern systems and technology. You too can enhance your print broker business and take further competitive strides in the print industry by using a web based Print MIS solution combined with customer facing web-to-print technology.

Discover more about print estimating software and print broker management software in our guide below, including the concepts behind print broker software and what its numerous benefits entail.

What is print broker management software?

A good print management software enables you to manage all aspects of your print broking company in one easy-to-use platform. Through a cloud-based SaaS model, these types of software systems offer a solution to manage the print broking workflow and avoid the various difficulties of running a print broker business, from customer estimating, supplier quote management, tracking print jobs in production, through to invoicing and warehousing of finished items.

Modern print management software is cloud-based enabling you to work from any location where you have internet access, and to offer your customers online access to place repeat orders, and to request new quotes. How you work with each of your customers in the print management solution can vary as you may have customers with differing needs, and a good system will be flexible to enable you to achieve this. Whether your customer is needing traditional print jobs, wide format signage, printed packaging, screen printing, or promotional products and apparel you should be able to achieve it all in the one print management system.

Why use print management software?

Any business that needs to employ multiple staff will need a modern print management system to enable all of their team to work in the system at once, potentially from different locations. The need for staff to access job data, track production progress, manage delivery dates and invoicing is essential and as your print broker business grows a comprehensive system will be required to enable this.

5 Benefits of using a print broker management software

There’s a whole host of reasons why you should use a print broker software solution, such as optimisation of time, and improved organisation. Check out the many benefits of implementing a print management solution below.

Features of web-to-print software

What services does web-to-print actually provide? Essentially, a web-to-print software can massively benefit your print business by offering the full range of your products in one online location. Managing print services has never been easier! Discover what web-to-print can offer you and how it can help your marketing efforts below.

1.  Organise your printing operations

Print brokers need to be organised, given the amount of customers and print projects they manage. By using a cloud-based print broker management software, you can manage all elements of the process from the customer print estimate, including sourcing supplier print quotes to meet the customer’s job specification, through to comparing supplier prices and delivery dates, and selecting the best supplier for the specific requirement.

You can then manage the process to proof the customer art files and artwork approval, raise a purchase order to outsource the job to your supplier print shop, track the suppliers production progress, notify your customer of dispatch, and invoice the customer for the job.

By managing this process all in the one solution you can greatly increase your efficiency as a print manager. By gather all your print projects in the one system you will avoid having to sort through multiple files or documents , saving you time, energy and removing operational stress.

2.  Consistent brand representation for print brokers

As a print manager, you’ll want to uphold a professional reputation for yourself and your company. With print management software, you can make sure your brand’s image is consistently presented through each and every customer interaction. From your print quotes through to the online web2print system you can reinforce your professionalism through a consistent quality image of a highly organized business.

Your print broker software will enable you to be organized and demonstrate that you are well organized to your customers through timely quote responses, automated job updates, and accurate invoicing.

3.  Save time and money

Through the use of a professional print management solution you will be able to maintain a well organised workflow of jobs in production, including complex jobs that may need to be handled by multiple suppliers. The days of having to chase around to find where each job has progressed to and whether an art file has been approved will be in the past as you will have this information at your finger tips.

With the whole print management workflow within the one solution you can source suppliers prices, create estimates for customers, create and track job progress, send purchase orders to suppliers, and invoice your customers, all from the one solution.

Print management software powers print brokers through their workdays, simplifies their operational processes and ensures a clear focus on job management and job margins.

4.  Improve your profitability and job profit margin management

Management of job margins is critical for print brokers and your print management software will ensure you know what your margins will be before you are awarded the job by your client. On receiving your suppliers prices you will be able to compare the costs and quickly decide which supplier will enable you to maximize your margin while still fully meeting the needs of your customer for quality and delivery turn around. With simple profit margin management and customizable reporting you will never be wondering how your business is performing and how much margin you are going to make on a job.

5.  Optimise your workflow management

The summarising benefit of a print management solution is that it optimizes your entire operation and ensures your staff team are confident in their work and in you as an employer. never forget how important it is to ensure your staff are confident as that will in turn lead to your customers being confident in you too. If you are using a B2B web2print module in your print management software the benefit of having new print jobs arrive directly into the system is very substantial for you as a broker as well as providing your customers with great ordering efficiency.

Most print management software can also link with third-party integrations, such as Xero, or QuickBooks online, for accounting software, meaning you can move data from your core management system directly into your accounting software enabling you to manage every aspect of your print company online.

The benefits of a Hexicom Software print management system

Hexicom Software is your trusted partner serving you in all your jobs and digital printing needs. We have been providing print broker software for the printing industry since 2007, following the software as a service (SaaS) model to offer cloud-based solutions for a whole host of companies.

There are many benefits to choosing Hexicom for all your printing software needs. Check out a few of them below.

A unique and tailored order management system

Our software is specially designed to suit any business, no matter how big or small your printing needs are. This is the great thing about Hexicom: you can be sure that your company will reap the benefits of our print management software without worrying about adapting to us. In fact, we adapt to you!

Our range of models can help you with warehousing, reporting, online store design, or any combination of them! The flexibility of our software allows for us and you to work together in a way that’s best suited to your business.

Simple and Easy to Use

Our technology is both sophisticated and simple to use. We use state-of-the-art software to provide you with an uncomplicated interface, letting you easily manage all your day-to-day operations.

What’s more, we offer comprehensive support throughout the initial set up process and will remain by your side until you feel capable and confident using the system in your business. Once you are live in the software we can easily be contacted for ongoing support at any time and we provide customer support 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

All-in-one warehousing solutions

For print managers who hold stock of print products or other finished goods for their customers our print management solution enables our customers to manage their entire warehousing operations easily in the one Print MIS solution. The Hexicom system tracks your stock on hand, allocates stock to new online orders, enables easy replenishment of stock when suppliers deliver to your warehouse and allows you to run detailed warehouse reports. It’s a true end-to-end solution.

Exceptional customer support

We know how important customer support is, so we’ve set this as a top priority. Our customers can contact us whenever they need if they have any question or query about our software 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

We also offer a support system where you can access video tutorials and other self-help articles. This means you can answer your own questions quickly. But, of course, if you still can’t find the answers, we’re always on hand to help.

A firm and trusted partnership

In the many years we’ve been operating, we’ve consistently supported our customers to organise and grow their businesses. We value our customers immensely and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and ability to meet your every need. Our dedication and commitment is reflected in the longevity of the relationships we have with our customers. It is our philosophy that your success is our success and we aim to always provide the best possible support we can.

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